Dentures have helped improve overall self-confidence and quality of life for their wearers for years. At Bardgett Smile Center Sarnia, we take great care in helping you choose the best denture option for your needs. In many cases, dental implants are suggested to support the benefits of your full or partial dentures.

Did you know that implants are rapidly becoming the treatment of choice for many denture wearers? Anchored directly to your jawbone, implant dentures prevent bone loss by providing stimulation to the natural tooth root system.  The best part – dental implants function as the closest possible replacement for natural teeth!

Choose to replace all of your teeth with the All-on-4 technique that gives you teeth in a day, or simply have two implants placed in order to hold your dentures in place. With either treatment, implants make a noticeable difference in your self-confidence and ability to eat.

With implants, your new teeth will never move, will never come out and will never cause another sore spot from rubbing or pushing into the gums. Imagine being able to eat foods like apples or corn on the cob and never having to worry about your teeth coming loose or moving.

Cleaning your denture implants is carefree because you don’t have to worry about leaving your teeth in a glass on the nightstand to soak overnight. Simply brush your teeth in your mouth just like you did when you had your natural teeth.

The added security of never having to worry about your teeth falling out of place while you’re speaking, swimming or playing sports makes choosing implants that much easier.

Added benefits from implants include:

Cavity prevention and durability.

With proper dental hygiene care, your implants will never decay, and most are actually cavity resistant.

Maintain your natural face shape and smile more!

When you have missing teeth, your face may appear sunken in. Implants re-structure your face, making it appear full and healthy. Go ahead and smile!

Eliminate bone deterioration.

Implants are anchored directly to your jawbone with durable titanium posts. This process keeps your jawbone strong and firm, and does not allow it to decay.

At Bardgett Smile Center Sarnia, we personalize your implants and dentures using the latest techniques and technology. Call us today, for your complementary

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