Teeth For Life

Complete custom smiles.

Your teeth are as unique as you which means there isn’t a one size fits all approach. At the Bardgett Denture and Implant Centre, you will receive a complete custom experience. Our dentures are designed using superior denture materials and accurate techniques, so our patients receive optimal quality, proper fit and function for a natural looking smile, improving your overall aesthetic and appearance.

Full Dentures

Full dentures replace all of your teeth and fit over your gums on your upper or lower jaw. Using state of the art equipment Bardgett Denture and Implant Centre will examine and record your overall facial features. This assists with the design of your new set of dentures so that you receive optimal comfort and fit.

Dentures are beneficial in a number of ways.
• Superior quality and precision techniques provide comfortable fit and function.
• Renewed sense of self-confidence
• Improved oral health

Partial Dentures

When you are missing one or more teeth partial dentures can help. Bardgett Denture and Implant Centre uses unique technology to detect the colour of your teeth. After we have matched the colour we will customize your partial to give you a uniform look.

Our goal at the Bardgett Denture and Implant Centre is to provide you with a partial that fits properly and functions as close to your natural teeth as possible. To do that Bardgett Denture and Implant Centre will review how many teeth you have remaining, where they are positioned and consult with you on the best possible solution.

Partial dentures:
• Are designed to fill in the gaps of any missing teeth
• Are convenient
• Can be removed
• Prevent your remaining teeth from moving
• Improve your appearance
• Provide stability
• Are available in a variety of materials