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Bardgett Smile Center have been serving patients for more than 40 years. We have always been committed to providing our clients with excellent service and ensuring superior results.

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Bardgett Dentures and Implant Solutions offers clients customized complete and partial dentures.  The Denturists at Bardgett consult with each client to determine the client’s individual concerns and customize a treatment plan to ensure client comfort and satisfaction.


We’re here to make sure you are happy with your smile. There is no substitute for experience.

Tom Bardgett DD, RDT
Tom Bardgett DD, RDTFounder / Owner
Thomas has been practicing denturism in Windsor since 1973. He has attended the acclaimed Panke Institute, studied under the renowned Dr. Frush from the Swissdent Foundation, has achieved BPS certification, as well as mastering the Gerber set-up philosophy. Achieving his Registered Dental Technician licence in 1974, Thomas has a vast knowledge of laboratory techniques and procedures that most denturists would be envious of. He strives to offer his patients the most natural and comfortable dentures available.
Charles Lim DD
Charles Lim DDDenturist
Charles Lim is a denturist at Bardgett Smile Center. He was born and raised in South Korea, came to Canada with his family at the age of 12. To pursue a career in dentistry, he enrolled in the Denturism program and graduated in 2010. He became a licensed Denturist later that year, after that he started practicing in London Ontario for three years and was offered a position at Bardgett Denture Clinic and began practicing in fall of 2013. Charles is a Biofunctional Prosthetic System, Candulor certification, and winner of Myerson Denture set up competition.
Marcus Kim DD
Marcus Kim DDDenturist
Marcus Kim is the newest addition to the team. Born and raised in South Korea, Marcus moved to Canada in 2002 to further his studies. He met his wife Emily while attending the University of Toronto studied in Applied Physics. After three years in the program he shifted paths and enrolled in the Denturist Program at George Brown College to pursue a career that he felt would be more suitable to his passions. While at George Brown, Marcus received several scholarships and was awarded for his Clinical accomplishments. Marcus later taught lab and clinical instruction to up and coming Denture students at GBC. He left George Brown and his busy practice in Toronto to join us here.




Bardgett Smile Center offers clients a comfortable and stress-free setting to address their denture and implant needs. The Bardgett Team understands that many people are anxious about their initial consultation and their proposed treatment plan.

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At Bardgett, clients participate in personalized, private consultations with highly skilled professions. The Bardgett Team explains the proposed treatment plan to each client at the initial consultation. In addition, as well as the realistic expectations each client should anticipate throughout the course of their individualized treatment.